We know it can be a busy time when a family grows. Our mission is to ease the stress by taking on some of the

time-consuming pre- and post-adoption and birth "to do" items. Someone Loved Profiles creates lasting memories for you and for baby!


For all families:

We work with all families to create custom resources that celebrate baby's arrival and first year:

  • Custom baby books

  • Personalized announcement and thank you stationary

For adoptive families:

We've been through the adoption process, and we aim to provide adoptive families with resources we wish were available to us when we were adopting:

  • Adoption profile book design

  • Blended design of expectant parent letters and the profile book

Through our love of creativity and design, along with hearts for hearing and supporting others' stories, we create loving profile books and stationary for families who are both preparing their profile and those who are bringing baby home.


With different options to fit your preferences and styles, our goal is to provide you with designs and products that really capture who you are.

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