Resources We Recommend 


Honestly Adoption

This was the very first podcast we stumbled upon when we were searching for adoption education and advice for ourselves! We've learned SO much from them! They bring in knowledgeable speakers on a variety of topics, and we definitely recommend checking them out!

Instagram: @honestlyadoptionpodcast

Twisted Sisterhood Podcast

Put this podcast at the top of your list. Twisted sisterhood is a podcast by birthmoms for birthmoms. We have learned so much about the birthparent perspective from these two! Honest, informed perspectives.

Instagram: @bigtoughgirl


Angela Tucker.JPG

Angela Tucker

Angela Tucker is an adult adoptee who was adopted transracially. She gives great perspectives and education for those navigating a similar path (or, in our case, those who want to be more educated on the topic of transracial adoption from an adoptee's perspective)!

Instagram: @angieadoptee